OM2 Fills Open Mouth and Valve Bags


Taylor Products, a division of Magnum Systems offers an inexpensive single scale that packages material in both valve and open mouth bags. The OM2 mechanical beam scale when coupled with the optional GW Auger spout lets the operator switch from open mouth to valve bags in a few minutes.

The OM2 scale operates without any electricity or compressed air in the standard open mouth mode. It is completely mechanical and is capable of weighing material from 15 to 125 lbs. The OM2 open mouth scale is ideal for granular, free flowing product such as seed, wood pellets, animal feed and grains.

The optional GW Auger spout fills 5 ½” valve bags when mounted to the OM2 weigh cabinet in place of the standard open mouth spout. It requires 115 VAC, single phase electricity to power the ½ hp motor. The valve bag spout and open mouth spout can be interchanged by removing two lock nuts on the hanger assembly.

The OM2 scale with optional GW Auger spout is ideal for startup companies or companies with small production runs. The flexibility of being able to deliver product in open mouth or valve bags on such a small investment in capital equipment, permits the company to quickly take advantage of customer packaging demands.