Dual Auger Packer for Powders

Model APO Dual

The Taylor Model APO Dual is designed with variable speed augers perfecting the art of 'bulk and dribble' feeding. This technology allows the packer to feed material at three sequential speed settings which produces faster and more accurate measurements while filling open mouth bags.

  • Up to 6 bpm
  • Product agitator and clean out door are standard
  • Dual augers provide bulk / dribble flow
  • Inflatable spout provides positive seal during fill cycle
  • Optional Stainless Steel contacts with food grade finish
  • Optional deaeration probe to stabilize fluidized products

Products typically handled with an APO Dual auger packer:

  • Bakery Mixes
  • Flour
  • Onion Powder
  • Seasoning Blends
  • Fish Meal


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